Augmented Reality

How it works ? 

Via our application, visualize existing or planned underground networks directly on your site. The attributes of the networks (e.g. depth…) appear on the screen with one click.

Simple and fast, the augmented reality process is a three-step process:

  1. You send your plans in CAD, IFC, DWG format…
  2. Your files re modeled in augmented reality
  3. You vizualize your plans in augmented reality on the field

Our solution saves time and increases the accuracy of grounds marking

Our realizations

Tralux N3 – Luxembourg

Visualization of network depth

Enedis – Dijon

 Realization of  8 x 8 km model of networks that can be visualized in augmented reality above Dijon.

Eurovia – Montauban

The drawing mode of the augmented reality application allows you to easily make your markings on the ground.